Blind Counts

Blind Counts is a quick method of physical inventory where an associate counts the items in a location and enters the total without access to the number of items The Edge has in that location.


Helps ensure accurate inventory numbers. When conducting a Blind Count, if the associate’s count matches the quantity in the Edge, the count is successful and closed. If the count does not match after a certain number of attempts (default set as 3 but can be adjusted in System Options), a physical inventory is automatically started for that location.
NOTE: The automatic creation of a Physical Inventory on a failed blind count can be disabled via the System Option “Force Physical Inventory on Blind Count Fail.”


Blind Counts was designed to work with a manager creating the counts for other associates to perform. However, it is also possible to create a count for yourself and immediately complete it.
NOTE: When creating counts for yourself you will be able to perform the count immediately. When creating for other associates, they can view their active counts under My Counts.
To create Blind Counts:
  1. Click Inventory > Physical Inv. > Blind Counts > Add. The Blind Counts window will appear.
  2. Choose an inventory Location and specify an Associate.
NOTE: If you are creating this count for yourself, by clicking “Me”, you will be able to enter the Count immediately.
  1. Click Save. The Blind Count has been created.


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