Automatic Giveaways.

The Automatic Giveaways feature was developed to allow for tracking items that are stocked as inventory but given away during a sale without cost or at a discount for promotional purposes.


This feature can be used when giving away jewelry boxes or jewelry cleaner with an engagement ring sale, batteries with a watch repair, and more.
Note: This feature does affect how Giveaway Threshold is set up. Review “Set up Promotional Giveaways” to learn more about setting up Giveaway Threshold.


Set Up (System Option & Associate Permission)
System Option
A System Option has been added to determine the receipt printing rule for items marked as Automatic Giveaways.
  1. Click Administrative → System Options.
  2. Scroll down to POS Options.
  3. Locate the option named Auto Giveaway Item Print Options and click the dropdown arrow to select a printing rule.
  • Always Print – The giveaway item will always be printed on the receipt.
  • Never Print – The giveaway item will never be printed on the receipt.
  • Print If Retail Not 0 – The giveaway item will only be printed on the receipt if the retail price is not marked $0.00.
Associate Permission
Associate Permission has been added to allow you to grant permission to only the associates who should be allowed to mark items as giveaways.
  1. Click Administrative → Associates → Lists.
  2. Double click on the Associate to Edit the record, and click the Security tab
  3. Locate the permission named Mark an Item as a Permanent Giveaway, then check the box to apply.
Marking Items as Automatic Giveaway
You can mark items as Automatic Giveaways directly from the item record.
  1. Navigate to Inventory → Items → Find and enter criteria to locate your desired item.
  2. On the item’s General tab, locate the Giveaway Item checkbox under the Pricing section and check the box.
  3. Choose a Save option to save your changes to the Item Record.


Ready to become a pro at using the Automatic Giveaways feature? Click below to learn more, or visit and search for Automatic Giveaways under Inventory. You can read how to sell automatic giveaway items at POS, plus download a handy tip sheet that contains all the feature information.