Automated Reports Feature

The Automated Reports feature is used to schedule reports to run automatically. These reports can then be set up to be emailed or saved to the computer. All reports are in PDF format.


Allows you to automatically run a large group of reports (memorized reports) on a daily or monthly basis.


NOTE: Take note of the following before beginning work with Timed Automation Rules.
  • You must choose one workstation that will be responsible for running these. Edge must be left ' open or the reports will not run at the prescribed time. If a scheduled time ismissed, next time the Edge is opened on this computer the reports will run.
  • We strongly recommend setting this up on your server computer.
  • This feature only works with memorized reports, which must be memorized prior to proceeding
  • Multi-store users: You should only set this up at one location.
  • If you tend to email reports, you must have your email settings configured first.
To create a Timed Automation Rule:
  1. Click Administrative > Automation Rules.
  2. At the bottom, click the Add Timed Rule button. This will open the Timed Automation Wizard.
  3. Enter a Name for this rule and click Next.
  4. Choose whether you want to Email or Save the reports on a timer, then click Next.
  5. Use the Report drop-down to choose which memorized report you want to schedule.
  6. Your next options will differ depending on whether you chose to Email or Save the reports. Click Next after completing one of the following:
  1. a. If you selected Email, choose an Associate and click Add to Emails to add their email address in the Emails section. Alternatively, you can type any email address directly into that section as well.
  2. b. If you selected Save, use the Location drop-down to choose where to save the reports.
The following options control how the report is saved:
  • Put All Reports in Specified Location: Report will be saved directly to the location specified.
  • Add Name and Append Date: Report will be saved directly to the location specified and anything typed into the field here will be prepended to the report file name.
  • Add Folded Based on Run Date: A new folder will be created in the location specified. This folder will be named after the run date and the report will be saved within this folder.
  1. This is where you set the schedule. Enter a Run time at the top, then determine whether you want to run this on a Daily or Monthly basis.
  2. Click Save Rule after setting the schedule, then click Finish


Interested in learning more about Automated Reports? Click the button below to launch our Edge User site and log-in for the Automated Reports tip sheet that covers everything, including how to run reports, and view/delete the rules. You can also learn how to designate a Timed Automation Station. Continue to empower your business through webinars, articles from The Edge Knowledgebase, and discussions with your fellow Edge users.