A series of exciting updates have been added to Associates beginning with Edge version 24.1.


They are designed to make managing your associate easier than ever before. We have listed a few of these updates below.


System Options
A new System Option was added giving you more control over Task Notifications. This option can be found by going to Administrative > System Options > Tasks, or by searching the option listed below.
  • Done Task Default Notify – Defines how the associate that created the task gets notified when the task is completed. This System Option goes together with the existing ‘New Task Default Notify’ that defines how an associate is notified when a task is assigned to them. Notification options include Text, Email, or Do Not Notify.
Associate Schedule - Color Coded Shifts
The Associate Schedule now color codes associate shifts based on their Initials Color setting. This feature was first introduced with the Notes revamp feature where it defines what color to use for associate initials found on Notes.
  • Navigate to Administrative > Associates > Associate List and select the Associate. Locate the Initials Color box on the General tab to set an associate’s Initial Color.
Time Card Updates
Tracking Associate Punches
Several key changes have been made to the Time Card feature that improve how you track and manage associate punches.
  • Managers can now Add, Edit, and/or Delete punches.
  • Edge now tracks associate punch changes and will display them on the Security Log Report.
Run Report Button
A Run Report button was added to the bottom of the Time Card Punch list that, when clicked, will open the Security Log Report with the Time Card defaults automatically selected.


Additional updates to help you manage associates include Task Done Notification and Wish List in the Associate Box. To learn more about these updates, and to download a tip sheet with all New for 2024 Associate updates, click below or visit and search Associate Documents.