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The Associate Schedule feature allows you to manage your employees’ shifts and time off.


This feature allows you to easily create a new schedule, modify the schedule by adding associate shifts, and set an associate’s schedule for an entire week. It allows your associates to request time off (which must be reviewed and approved by a manager), with Edge being able to track accrued and used hours with the newly added fields found on the Associate Record, or to simply just view the schedule with the See Schedule button.


  1. To create a new schedule, click Associate → Schedule → Admin → Modify Schedules. If you haven’t already created a Schedule, you will be asked to set up the Schedule Settings, which will let you set your store hours (and holiday hours), select a color theme, and set the default shift length. Once you’ve completed everything, click Save.
  2. The Schedule Management screen will appear. Each row here represents one week. The first week is automatically created for you. Select the first week and click Edit. You can also double click. This will open the Schedule screen.
  3. You can add associate shifts by either: Clicking on the associate name from the list on the left and dropping it directly into a time on the schedule (change the shift duration by resizing the shift box). Or, double click to open the Associate Shift Edit window, and type in shift times. Once you schedule an associate, their name will be highlighted green, and the Day and Week columns will indicate their number of scheduled hours.


Can’t get enough of our Associate Schedule feature? Click the button below to launch the Edge User site. Log-in and learn how to add associate shifts, manage time off, and run a report. Then stick around to explore the site and empower your business through additional webinars, articles from The Edge Knowledgebase, or discussions with fellow Edge users.