Edge Appraisals

Within The Edge, there are two types of appraisals: Appraisal and Pre-Appraisal. You can intake appraisals, find, manage and edit them, complete them, and even use an Appraisal Template.


Appraisal intake occurs at the point of sale, which will offer a detailed appraisal regardless if the item was purchased in your store.


To intake a new appraisal:
  1. Open POS and click the Appraisal Intake button. The Appraisal Intake window will appear.
  2. Enter information about the item being appraised. This is not the actual appraisal (that is completed later in the back office). The only required field is Description, but there are multiple fields you can optionally fill out:
  1. a. Item #: Allows you to select a currently in stock item or previously sold item for appraisal, its details will be copied to the description; if the item's Pre-Appraise tab has been filled out that will automatically copy to the appraisal.
  2. b. Liability Factor: Value of the item in the event of a loss
  3. c. Item in Our Possession: Check this if the item is remaining in your store's possession
  4. d. Appraisal Fee: Fee charged for the appraisal; a System Option controls the default; use checkbox to indicate whether this is an estimate.
  5. e. Tax: Check this if tax applies to the appraisal fee.
  6. f. Subtotal: Appraisal fee plus tax.
  7. g. Deposit: Initial deposit.
  8. h. Due at Pick Up: Balance due at pick up.
  9. i. Cost: Appraisal cost; a System Option controls the default
  10. j. Notify: Contact information for person that should be notified when appraisal completed; can be setup to automatically text or email when appraisal marked as done.
  11. k. Need By: The day the customer requires the appraisal completed.
  12. l. ETA: Expected completion date; use the checkbox to indicate whether this is an estimate.
  13. m. Description: Basic description of the item being appraised; this is not the final appraisal, though you will have the option to use this information when completing the appraisal.
  14. n. Notes: Additional internal notes about this appraisal; customer will not see.
  15. p. Camera Icon: Opens photo interface allowing you to acquire a new photo or link to existing Ok/Save &
  1. Click Ok/Save & Close to add this on the site.


Interested in learning more about Appraisals? Click the button below to launch our Edge User site and log-in to get a look at the Appraisals tab on your screen to see the Appraisals Template or understand how to edit an Appraisals record. Then explore the rest of the site and empower your business through webinars, articles from The Edge Knowledgebase, or discussions with fellow Edge users.