Appointment Revamp

With the introduction of customer Opportunities, the Appointments feature has been redesigned to function only as an appointment tracker, much like you would find in Microsoft Outlook or other software.
Previously, Appointments behaved as a hybrid of an appointment and a sales opportunity


Allows you to do very basic appointment functions like add, find, edit, complete, or cancel. Appointments can be accessed from:
  • Associate menu
  • Point of Sale
  • Customer Record
  • Opportunities
  • Calendars


To add an appointment:
  1. Click Associates → Appointments → Add. The Add a new Appointment window will appear.
  2. Use the drop-down in the top left to select one or more Associates or click Any Associate if this appointment can be viewed and fulfilled by any associate in the store.
  3. Optionally, use the Notify checkboxes at the top if you want the associate to receive an Email or Text with the appointment details.
  4. Select whether this appointment is for a Customer or Non-Customer.
  1. For Customer appointments, select the customer using the Find Customer button, then specify a Contact Method. Optionally, use the Notify drop-down if you want the customer to receive an Email or Text with the appointment details.
  2. For Non-Customer appointments, type in With Who and Location.
  1. Enter a Subject, choose the Date and Start Time (End Time is optional), then enter any additional information into the Details field.
  2. Click Save / Close to save the appointment.


For additional information, plus an Appointment Revamp tip sheet, click the button or visit and search Appointment Revamp. Then check out the rest of the site for more features and additional tools that can help your business become the best.