add a new customer

Allows you to add a new customer through the Customer menu.


New customers will primarily be entered using the Point of Sale (POS) window. However, this Add New Customer function gives you the ability to add a customer through the Customer menu and include more detailed data. This method will take longer, but let’s you include much more detail.


To add a new customer to your Edge database:
  1. Select the Add tab from the Customer menu. The Edit Customer <> window will appear with the General tab selected.
  2. Populate the fields in each tab as described in the section “Working with Customer Records.”
    Note: Wish List, Activity, and Balances tabs do not apply to new customers.
  3. Select a Save option.
    Note: Depending on your system options, The Edge may check to see if there is a similar record (duplicate) before proceeding with creating a new one or creating a new spouse record
If there is a customer record in The Edge that is similar:
  1. A. The Possible Customer Matches screen will appear with a listing of possible and probable matching records.
  2. B. From here, choose from one of two options: select a customer from the list or add a new customer record based on the data entered to date.
  • If the desired customer appears in the list, select the record and Select Customer.
  • You will be prompted to confirm your selection, and any information you added to that point will be incorporated with the existing record.
  • If there is a conflict, you will be prompted to choose the correct data.
  • Check Take to copy the Updated Customer Information into the existing record and delete Current Customer Information. In this example, it would delete a good deal of data.
  • Select Swap primary and secondary customer info to make the spouse/partner be the primary account holder.
  • Select OK/Save and Close; the record will be saved.
  1. C. Notice that inactive customer records are highlighted in gray. If you select one of those, you will be prompted to make the record active.
  2. D. If the desired customer is not one of the possible matches, select Add New and complete the entry.


Interested in learning more about how you can Add a New Customer this way? Click below or visit and search under Customers. You’ll see screen grabs taking you step by step through the process. You can also get a refresher on how to Add a New Customer at Point of Sale.