activate rewards

We’ve expanded the Rewards feature to include the option of activating Rewards cards without needing the physical card in hand.
Reminder: Rewards cards are designed as an incentive to encourage repeat sales to existing customers. Rewards cards increase in value each time a qualifying purchase is made; that value can be used towards a future purchase. Rewards cards can be issued to customers at the store owner’s discretion.


When enabled, the Sell Tender Card button at POS will change to Sell/Activate Card, which will include the new Generate From ID button which allows you to activate a card using just the Customer ID. The articles in this section explain how to set up and use this feature in POS.


How to Set Up Activate Rewards Without Card
Note: You must enable this feature via a system option before it can be used at POS.
  1. Click Administrative → System Options.
  2. Scroll down to Tender/Rewards Card Options.
  3. Set the Allow Rewards Card Generation From Customer option to True.
How to Activate Rewards Without Card at POS
  1. Open POS and either Find or Add your customer.
  2. Click the new Sell/Activate Card button. If you enabled this feature but still see the former Sell Tender Card button, make sure you have Rewards/Referral Cards set to True in your System Options.
  3. Select the Rewards Card option, then click the Generate From ID button at the bottom. This feature is ONLY available for Rewards Cards. You cannot generate a Tender/Gift Card using the Generate From ID button.
  4. Add a memo in the Memo line if you choose, then click Done to complete activation of the Rewards Card.


Interested in learning more about how you can activate Rewards Cards without needing a physical card? Click the button below or visit for a handy tip sheet. To learn more about the Rewards program in general, search Reward/Referral Program.